The story of Discoboard

As a happy owner of a KickScooter MAX G30, I was surprised to find that Ninebot's flagship model did not have ambient LED lights at the bottom of the chassis like its competing models.

During the quarantine, I came up with a solution by creating a translucent part with LED strips that replaces the original “battery cover”.

After several dozen hours spent looking for the right components, taking measurements and creating a 3D model, the prototype was finally ready to be printed, assembled, and mounted on my e-scooter.

The finished product exceeded my expectations and I was floored by the enthusiastic feedback: I have already tested a second prototype for a friend and I am regularly bombarded with excited inquiries at the red light about my strange Ninebot MAX!

All of these positive responses led to the idea to turn my fun project into a product that others can also enjoy!